Why you should digitalize your return process

Today’s customers expect a seamless and hassle-free return experience. Without an effective return process in place, customers can easily become dissatisfied. 

The challenges of a manual return process

A manual return process is one where most of the steps are managed manually. While the process may vary from company to company, it usually looks something like this:

A customer emails customer service asking for the return slip. The business owner then has to 1. find the order number, 2. ask why they want to return, 3. generate the return slip, and then finally 4. email it to the customer. The business may have an excel sheet where they manually enter and keep track of the returns. In original order, there may also be a pre-printed return paper form that needs to be filled out, with just five or so return reasons.

It is radio silence for a few weeks after the customer has sent in the return so naturally they start to email customer service. This means even more work and checking the spreadsheet for the business. First when the return has finally arrived, been inspected, can the business issue a refund. In administration time alone for this process can be from 15 minutes and upwards per return.

As  you can see, this is a time-wasting and stressful process, where no data is collected and customers are kept out of the loop.

Time consuming process

While the process may start with one email, this usually isn’t the only one. The manual process means a never ending series of emails back and forth between the customer and the business, multiplied by the amount of people requesting a return. All these stages need to be tracked as well, usually in a spreadsheet.

This inefficient and time consuming process stems from the lack of integration between the various steps in the process.  While this may work when you have very few returns per month, the problem will however grow as your business scales up. 

Customers kept out of the loop

A manual return process means that businesses spend most of their time emailing back-and-forth with customers.  8 out 10 customers don’t repurchase after a bad return experience. If your customer has to hound you to receive a follow up on their return, it is unlikely that they will feel comfortable buying from you again, given the hassle. 

Lack of return data

The manual process makes it difficult and time-consuming for retailers to gather return data. While the common reasons such as didn’t fit, didn’t meet their expectations, and didn’t like it  are valid reasons, they don’t give you information to act on. If a lot of customers return a t-shirt with the reasons that it didn’t fit, there might be a pattern there. For example, it might run big and the sizing guide and/or product details need to be updated. 

Without gathering return data, it is almost an impossible mission to reduce unnecessary returns. 

Given these issues, you may want to consider a digital solution that can grow with your business and reduce your administration time from 15 minutes per return to 15 seconds.

Why you should switch to a digital solution

A digital return management process simplifies the return process, automates the manual steps, and collects valuable data. 

All-in-one solution

With a digital return process, all information is kept in one place, without the risk of information slipping through the cracks. This includes an administration panel where you have an overview of all your returns and their statuses.

Customers are kept in the loop throughout the whole process

With a digital return process comes the digital return form, embedded on your website, or available as a link. This means that customers can start their return whenever they want, while being kept in the loop through email notifications throughout the whole process. All they need to do is enter their order number and email, select what items and the return reasons, and then get the return slip and/or QR code right in the form.

Automate to save time 

Automation makes return management so much easier. Emailing confirmation and shipping labels? All automated, eliminating the need for customers to contact customer service.

Need to look up an old return? No need to sift through your email, as all can be found in the admiration panel. 

The removal of all the manual steps above frees up time, so you can spend time on what matters the most – growing your business.

Collects data

With return data, retailers can make informed decisions. For example, several returns stating that your t-shirt is too big? Then you probably need to change your sizing guide. 

Digitalize your return process with Returbo

Returbo makes return management easy! We are the one stop shop solution for returns, that simplifies the return process, automates the manual steps, and collects valuable data. 

Offer your customers a sleek and simple way to return their items with our digital return form, customizable after your brand identity. Keep them informed of every step on the way with our email notifications. 

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