How does the PostNord QR code via SMS function work?

Our new SMS feature is a game-changer in e-commerce returns. With just a few simple steps, customers can now receive a QR code on their phone via an SMS message, or directly on the PostNord app, eliminating the need to print a return shipping slip. So how do you get start?

How do I activate the PostNord SMS function? 

1. You activate PostNord in the Returbo app under Settings→ Integrations.

2. Fill in your customer number and select which PostNord services you wish to activate to automatically generate your return shipping slips.

3. After you have selected what services to use, you have the option to enable the QR code via SMS. With this your customers in Sweden and Denmark can receive an SMS with the QR code for the return shipping slip directly to their phone and the PostNord app.

4. Activate the PostNord integration and you are good to go!

How does the PostNord SMS function work for my customers?

After you have enabled the PostNord SMS function under settings, your customers in Sweden and Denmark will have the option to receive the QR code with a SMS.

1. Your customer fills in the digital return form as normal – enter their order number and email address, select what items they wish to return and why. 

    2. They will then have the option to receive the return shipping slip as an QR via SMS. If they provided their phone number during their original order, it will automatically be filled in. They also have the option change and/or add a new number if they did not provide their phone number during the original order.

    3. Your customer submits their return. If you have automatic approval and automatic generation of return shipping slips on, your customer will immediately receive an SMS with a link to the QR code.

    4. They may go to their closest PostNord service point with their parcel and show the QR code. No need to print any return shipping labels, just show the code and the personnel at the service point will print it for them.