Get the tools you need to simplify your return process, level up the customer experience, and save time for what matters.

Make it easy for your customers

No more back and forth, let's keep it simple.

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The customer will select returning items from the prefilled digital return form where the bought items are displayed. Smooth!

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Customers will receive an auto-generated return shipping slip or QR-code from Postnord directly to their email.

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Easy to track the return and enable a quick refund after approval.

Integrated with

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Integrated with postnord for automated return shipping slips. Soon more carriers will be available.

Allow us to introduce ourselves

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Return management with one click

Get your return process down to one click - accept or reject the return. We will handle the rest!

Autogenerate shipping slips

Collect data on return reasons

Digital return form

Keep track of your return statuses

Automate email notifications to customers

Customize design and return flow

and many more...

Digitize your returns

Set up a smooth return process with everything in one place, so you can sit back and enjoy the flow of your business.

Return completed with just a few clicks!

Customers can self-register their returns in just a few clicks. This to enhance the best customer experience.

Sending return slips has never been easier!

Autogenerate your return shipping slips when a return is requested. All manual steps are taken care of.

Keep your customers in the loop

When the return status changes an automated email will be sent out to your customer. This could be “the item has arrived at the warehouse” or that “the item is now accepted and will soon be repaid”.

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Design your look and feel

Put your own touch to the digital return form by adding your own logo and colors.

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Learn why your customers make their returns

Start collecting data on why your customers return. Choose from Returbo’s predefined return reasons, or customize your own.

Available in the Scandinavian language

We have everything translated into several Scandinavian languages, so your customers can return in their preferred one.

Why Returbo?

We’re built for growing businesses. Whether you are new to ecommerce, or getting ready to level up your return process, we have everything you need to get started with your return journey.

Self service

A simple and straightforward return experience

Plug and play

Get started today with no integration costs

Everything in one place

Complete access to all return data in one package