How Returbo can simplify your return flow!

In today’s e-commerce landscape, customers expect a hassle-free and seamless return experience. However, managing returns can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task for Shopify merchants. But what if we told you that there’s a solution to simplify your return administration and increase your profitability?

Enter Returbo – the app that streamlines your return process with just one click.

Getting started with Returbo is easy!

  1. Download the Returbo app from Shopify –
  2. Go through the onboarding process and select your preferred return flow
  3. Choose your return reasons – default or add your own
  4. Customize the digital return form with your logo
  5. Embed the return form to your website

With Returbo, you can accept or reject returns with ease, while we handle the rest. Our app automates email notifications to customers, generates shipping slips, collects data on return reasons, offers a digital return form, and allows you to keep track of return statuses.

Not only does Returbo simplify your return process, but it also offers customization options to align with your brand image. You can personalize the design and return flow to match your company’s aesthetics and offer a consistent customer experience.

By streamlining your return process with Returbo, you can save time, reduce errors, and provide your customers with a smooth return experience. Say goodbye to manual return administration and hello to a simplified process with Returbo.

Contact us for help setting up the app or to book a demo.