For Your Customers

Simplicity is key for us

Design and simplicity is at the heart of our digital return form. It’s easy to create, process and manage all your returns.

Curate your look and feel

It is easy to customize the digital return form by adding your logo and your own colors. Ease-of-use is at the heart of our digital return form. You can even tailor your return policy for a professional-feeling return form.

Embed your digital return form

Your customers will stay on your website since your digital return form is already embedded.

Return shipping slip, right into your pocket!

When your customer have registered their return they will automatically receive an email with a return shipping slip as a PDF and also a QR-code. Your customer can then choose to print the label or show the QR-code at their local post.

Build trust with automated notifications

Keep your customers in the loop by sending them updates on the return status. This helps to build trusting relationships with your customers and reduces the burden on customer service. You can choose between our predefined emails or customize to your own liking.

Learn why your customers make their returns

We have predefined different return reasons you can choose from to use in the digital return form such as wrong sizing “to small/to large”. So select the return reasons that are applicable for your business or customize according to your own needs.

Group 1000001841

will buy again if the return experience is good.

Group 1000001837 (1)

don't repurchase after a bad return experience.

Group 1000001838 (1)

of online bought items are returned.

Group 1000001839 (1)

of shoppers check the return page before making a purchase.

Sources: Invesp, Klarna 2021, Shopify 2021

Plug and play

Easy to get started and you don't need any additional support to be up and running with Returbo. It is just plug and play. Of course we have a support team that will walk you through each step if needed.

Digital return form

Embedded in your website and customize design according to your brand.

Group 1000001833 (2)

Return reasons

Reduce your returns by learning why your customers make returns.

Automatic notifications

Keep your customer updated throughout the return process.