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Our intuitive return management panel lets you start managing your returns immediately after downloading the app. Everything you need is in one place, so you can administer your returns with a few clicks. We are not exaggerating, it's super easy!!

Nice to have

Automate all your manual steps - so the only step you need to do in the process is either to accept or to reject the return. Everything else is taken care of. Nice right?

All inclusive :)

With our return system, everything you need is in one place, giving you a complete overview of your returns - from receiving a return request, sending out the returns slips, to refunding. Enjoy the ride!

Autogenerate your return shipping slips

When your customer have registered their return they will automatically receive an email with a return shipping slip as a PDF and also a QR-code. Your customer can then choose to print the label or show the QR-code at their local post. One-stop-shop.


Have a full overview of each individual return and an overview of all ongoing returns. It is available in the admin panel and in the order history. This will also contribute to a better overview of your cash flow.

Customize your return flow and return policy

Create a return flow and policy that fits your business. Regardless if you have your own warehouse or use 3PL, Returbo works for everyone.

No coding skills required!

Start managing your returns with just a few clicks, with our intuitive app it is so easy for you to get started. Install, customize, and get started today!

Create space in your calendar!

Isn't this great?! Streamline your return process and make space for what you want to do. No more back and forth emails - the return is taken care of.

Admin panel

All returns, collected in
one place.

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Autogenerated return slips

Send out the return slip automatically.

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Plug and play

No coding required,
get started today!

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of online shoppers find digital return solutions to be smoother than paper solutions

Group 1000001833 (6)

of 18 to 29 year olds in Sweden return an item per month.

Group 1000001834 (5)

is the return rate for fashion items, depending on seasonality and type of product.

Sources: PostNord E-Barometern; Sharon Cullinane University of Gothenburg