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Get started right away

Returbo’s return management system allows you to get started immediately - install, onboard, and manage. No integration required.

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Plug-And-Play, no coding required

You don't need to be a coder to be able to get started with our app. You just download and then you answer a few questions regarding your return process and your preferred settings then - Voilà now you are ready to be a master of Returns.

No rocket science - K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid)!

With our simple and intuitive design you can even navigate blindfolded and not get lost.

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Coming soon - More Shipping Carriers available

At the moment we have one shipping carrier integrated to our service, postnord, and we are soon to launch another 14 such as DHL, Bring, UPS and more. So you can activate the carrier of your choice. To offer even more flexibility we have made it possible for you to choose between using your own shipping agreement or use ours to autogenerate the return shipping slip.

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Plug and play

Download the app and set up your return process right away.

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Autogenerated return slips

Send automatic return shipping slips directly to your customer.

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With our intuitive design its super easy to navigate.

How To Get Started With Returbo

Getting started with Returbo is easy!