Return management made easy

Returbo is a Swedish software company that has created a simple return management process by digitizing and automating the current manual and analog process. Our long-term goal is to reduce the number of returns by creating an increased awareness and knowledge of returns.

Our mission

Our mission is to simplify the return process, automate all manual steps and collect valuable data to reduce the number of returns.

Simplify the
return process

manual steps

Collect data to manage
returns efficiently

Why we are here

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Julia Söderqvist, Founder

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Julia Söderqvist, Founder

One of the major societal challenges we face is sustainable consumption and production. It has never been so easy to shop. With a few clicks, you can have items delivered straight to your door.

E-commerce is growing fast and is expected to continue to increase. With the increased e-commerce, there will also be more returns. In the fashion industry, 60% of customers returned at least one item last year*. This is very costly for companies and has major negative consequences for the environment.

Today's return process often takes place via paper forms or via email. This results in a time-consuming, costly process with many manual steps. In this process, e-merchants work hard to just keep up with the administration and management of all returns and they lack an overview.

Valuable information disappears as it is time-consuming to compile and analyse the information from the returns. This creates limited conditions for e-retailers to be able to work actively to reduce the number of returns.

We at Returbo are passionate about sustainability and we want to increase knowledge and understanding of why end consumers return in order to reduce the number of unnecessary returns.

Our founder, Julia Söderqvist, is driven by finding sustainable solutions that help people live more in balance. Through Returbo's digitized and automated return process, we free up time and give the e-merchant a clear overview of all their returns and return data.

* Source: Sharon Cullinane 2021